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#Hacked 12/22/2016
Al Jazeera

#hacked is an interactive journalism game that allows players to become journalists who will investigate hackers and viruses during the Syrian cyber war. The objective of the game is to collect as much information as possible in 5 days and remain logical in deciding whether or not to pay hackers for information, go undercover online or even letting interviewees to disguise their identity to keep them safe. Most importantly, complete the series of tasks without getting hacked. All of the scenarios presented in the games are based on real life events.

Angry Olds 8/26/2016
Everyday Arcade

Like several other games created by GOP, Angry olds has a satirical tone that reflects the American society. The game adopts the angry birds style format. Instead of overthrowing pigs, players are asked to launch grandpas from a slingshot with the world “VOTE” written along the side, into buildings made of blocks that says gay rights, civil rights, or healthcare...etc. Children are randomly placed on the blocks, and the goal is to make sure all children are cleared and diminished in each level. Once the level is cleared, the screen pops up sarcastic messages such as “back in our day, we didn’t need alliances” or “that’ll teach ‘em to hide behind social justice.”

Bomb The Right Place 5/28/2016
Everyday Arcade

Bomb The Right Place informs its players that America is viewed as weak and our goal is to bomb the way to respect. The game gives players two options, to seek diplomatic options, which is an immediate game over, or to bomb the assigned city. Players are given one chance to click on the map and drop the bomb. Once you drop the bomb, a screen will pop up and shows how far your bomb is from the actual location of the city. Not only is the game satirical, it can also be a great geography lesson for those who are unfamiliar of those cities’ locations.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Renting 8/14/2019

Renting apartments can be very stressful and unfair at times, whether it is dealing with roommates, or landlords. Published by Vice, the game has a satirical tone and it emphasizes the unpredictability of renting properties. The game gives players options to move forward in the game by choosing their own fate in the renting journey.

College Scholarship Tycoon 11/1/2017
Vox Media

The primary goal of the game is to move up your college ranking, but striking the wrong balance might force players to reject kids who need financial help from the school in order to have a better career in the future. It is known that the price for education is notoriously high in the United States, so how can education be more accessible for lower-income families? The game highlights the problem of education inequality.

Cutthroat Capitalism: The Game 7/20/2009

Cutthroat Capitalism allows players to be a Somali pirate and learn how to be a successful one by capturing ships and negotiating ransoms. The game is based on scenarios of piracy and it presents strategy and finances involved in order to dominate the Port of Eyl.

Delivery Drone 9/19/2015
American University

Delivery Drone is a flying simulation game that asks its players to collect packages while flying a drone. Players must avoid other drones and private properties.

Dodging Trump's Tariffs 4/3/2019
Financial Times

Dodging Trump’s Tariffs is an interactive story that illustrates how businesses are looking for ways to minimize the impact of tariffs on Chinese products. This data-driven interactive story shows factual information on the US-China trade war. The trade tension has hurt American businesses, and they continue to face inconveniences in regards to lessening the impact of tariffs.

Epipen Tycoon 9/3/2016
Everyday Arcade

Heather Bresch is the CEO of Mylan, a company that supplies EpiPen to the public. The objective of EpiPen Tycoon is for players to find the balance between making EpiPens profitable for the investor while keeping the public outrage at minimal from the prices of the product. EpiPen Tycoon is a clicker game that gives players an overview of how profitable the medical industry can be, but on the contrary what comes with raising the prices for this product can cause unhappy customers. It is all about finding the balance.

Faith Fighter 5/1/2009
La Molleindustria

Faith Fighter, a game about religious intolerance received a wide media coverage and heavy criticism due to its use of subject on violence and religion. The game asks the player to pick a religious figure as their player and the goal is to battle and engage in physical violence with other gods from other religions. The irony of Faith Fighter was seen as inappropriate. This shows that sometimes serious matters may not be best addressed in a game setting.

Faith Fighter 2 9/22/2012
La Molleindustria

To further clarify the irony that is present in the original Faith Fighter game, Faith Fighter 2 is a game about loving all religions. The makers of the Faith Fighter stated their regrets on using irony to pin-point the hatred that circulates around the world regarding religion. Faith Fighter 2 aims to teach religious tolerance and respect.

Food Import Folly 05/24/2007
Persuasive Games

Food imports have increased from 2 million shipments in 1997 to 9 million in 2006. The rapid rise of foreign shipments draws a demand for food inspections. Food Import Folly challenges its players to inspect the foreign foods being imported to the country. Different containers contain different food imports such as fish, meat, nuts, vegetables or sweeteners. The objective of the game is to do the job efficiently by inspecting the containers in a timely manner.

Get Trump's Taxes 6/21/2016
Everyday Arcade

The frustration of getting the tax returns is shown through the game. According to Forbes, President Trump has been refusing to reveal his finances since taking office and have been delaying tax returns. So far, Trump has successfully delayed returns by suing to block subpoenas from congressional Democrats and state lawmakers.

Good Guy With A Gun 4/1/2016
Everyday Arcade

The game asks its players sell as many guns as possible as being the owner of a gun shop. The only thing to be mindful of is to make sure you don’t sell guns to bad guys. As a satirical piece, the game addresses the problem of gun control and reflects the reality of how easy it is to obtain guns in the US.

Hothead Zindane 7/13/2006
Corriere della Sera

Hothead Zidane criticizes the aggression of Zinedine Zidane during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Editorial in nature, the game addresses the hot-tempered headbutting attack that Zidane made that caused him his reputation. In the game, the goal is to hit all the clones of the Italian players. Once there are enough foul plays recorded, the referee will expel Zidane from the game. Therefore, losing the opportunity to win the World Cup.

How Does An Autonomous Car Work? Not So Great 9/10/2019
Washington Post

In today's world, autonomous vehicles are on a rise. There are 1,400 self-driving cars being tested in 36 States and districts. Some deliver groceries, some act as taxis. People are now adapting to the changing tech climate. Self-driving cars promise to get passengers from point A to B. However, self-driving cars still have their limits, such as accurately detecting pedestrians or moving objects. The game invites players to be the back-up driver of an autonomous car and see how well they can get through a series of obstacles on the road.

MTA Country 5/22/2018
Everyday Arcade

MTA Country highlights the problematic subway system in New York and an individual who has made a tremendous difference by participating in a campaign called ““If you see something, say something” in 2016. Gregg Turkin, a.k.a Gregg T. is the face of the campaign that encourages New Yorkers to report suspicious activity in order to keep citizens safe. The ubiquity of the posters with Gregg’s face on them have turned Gregg into a New York celebrity where every one of his public appearances is worth tweeting about or make a meme out of. The game asks its players to ride the subway while avoiding stalled cars, track fires and pizza rats. The goal is to collect secret letters that will unlock the way to fix the subway system for good.

Playspent 2/1/2011
McKinney Urban Ministries of Durham

The game shows a monthly cycle of the low-income worker. We are asked to help him make decisions on his spending. Spendings such as rent, car insurance, health insurance, and daily expenses, players are asked to make wise choices that will help him budget his spending while allowing some room for savings and remain employed.However, it is extremely difficult for a low-income worker to make ends meet. Once player has gone through the month, the game shows how much money is left is his bank account and reveals that rent is due the next day. The end of the game, there is a button that links to a donation page that gives players the opportunity to give $10 to those in need.

Points Of Entry 7/4/2016
Persuasive Games

Under the merit based evaluation proposed by the McCain-Kennedy immigration legislation, awarding green cards and worker visas would not be based on individual achievement but on a standardized system. The game examines the behavior of the merit based evaluation and allows player to get a sense of bureaucracy involved.

Pule O Muro: Voce Consegue Escapar Muro De Berljm 11/20/2014

The game allows your character to take a customized path of crossing the Berlin Wall, with different a/b/c answers for each person you negotiate with, or a strategic decision you make. It is a “create your own story” game with different potential outcomes depending on what you choose to do, such as fight someone, be friendly to someone, negotiate or barter something to pass a certain point, etc. The game also provides a lot of facts during the gameplay, percentages of how many people made it across certain ways, how many people were killed in the process.

Science Fighter 6/21/2016
Everyday Arcade

Science Fighter illustrates the idea of the anti-scientific rhetoric that the Republicans follows. According to Pew Research, Democrats have a higher scientific literacy than Republicans. Among Democrats, 75 percent of those with higher scientific literacy agree with climate change causes rising sea level, and 73 percent agreed that wildlife will suffer. On the other hand, only 27 percent of Republicans voters who supposedly have “high” scientific literacy rate, believe that climate change causes rising sea level. The game pokes fun at Republicans on their ignorance and their lack of scientific comprehension.

Science Kombat 4/24/2016

Published by Superinteressante, Science Kombat stars eight scientific geniuses: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Pythagoras, Marie Curie and Alan Turing. Each character has their own special moves in fighting their opponents that highlights their own scientific discoveries. For example, Einstein bolts through time and space, Newton strikes fearful gravity, Hawking teleports through wormholes, and Curie engages her opponents with Radium attacks. The purpose of Science Kombat is not to educate scientific theories but rather allowing players to find entertainment in a classic fighting game while exploring each of the scientist’s discovery.

Super Obama World 11/20/2008
Zensoft Inc.

Super Obama World uses the same game mechanics and aesthetics as Super Mario World as its design inspiration. In Super Obama World, Mario is replaced by Senator Obama, goombas with corporate crooks and koopas with politicking pigs. The game has 6 different levels and in each one it addresses a weak point of the McCain Campaign. In one, player runs for an unnecessarily long road with a dead-end that says “nowhere Alaska” which aims to highlight the “bridge to nowhere” phrase that was much-used during the McCain Campaign.

The Amazon Race 6/6/2019
ABC News Story Lab

Based on interviews with eight former and current workers, the game allows players to get a glimpse of what it is like to work in the Amazon's Melbourne warehouse. As the day progresses, it can get pretty hectic.It the players' job to decide how the day will go for the Amazon worker in the game so that he or she can get through the day while maintaining a high pick rate. At the end of the narrative, a screen pops up and ask if we want to read an article about what it is like working in Amazon or learn more about the game. The article reveals some insights from interviewees saying that the company "resent him or her because they are not a robot," or that "the workplace is built around the culture of fear."

The Betsy Devos Board Game 9/10/2018

Players are invited to roll the die and play the Betsy Devos' board game. The goal is to make it through 19 months in office in as few turns as possible. The game tells the stories through an unconventional way in which players are active participants in the storyline. Each player will have a different experience based on the numbers they get from the die. Statements listed in the game reflects real life situations and issues that need to be addressed.

The Counted: People Killed By The Police In The US 4/15/2014
The Gaurdian

The Counted:People Killed By The Police In The US shows stats about the victims. Sorted by state, city and ethnicity, player can navigate the US map and look at the top cities in which police brutality has gone overboard that lead to deaths of civilians. With detailed descriptions attached to each victim, players can understand the context of the incidents and place their own judgements on them. Though it is not possible to change what has already happened, it is important for civilians to be informed about such problem and its existence within our own communities.

The Uber Game 10/5/2017
Financial Times

Based on interviews with former or current Uber drivers, The Uber Game gives players the opportunity to experience being an Uber driver with a goal of earning enough money to sustain the high expenses in San Francisco. At the end of the game, an income statement is shown to see if you have met your financial goal.

The Voter Suppression Trail 11/5/2016
Everyday Arcade

The Voter Suppression Trail is a web game designed to raise awareness about the presidential election in 2016. Players have three characters to choose from to experience their journey to the polls - a white programmer from California, a hispanic nurse from Texas or a black salesman from Wisconsin. Their journey to the polls will be a lot of waiting, that is, one of the main reasons why many people don’t go and vote. Whether they make it to the end of the line and vote or not, it is a frustrating process for many.

The Waffler 4/28/2013
Global Editors Network

The Wallfer asks players to take on the role of a political candidate and answer ten rapid-fire questions that will determine their popularity during a campaign. Questions on issues such as gun control, taxes, abortion, health care are factors taken into considerations of their popularity rating. The scores a player gets are tied to actual national poll data reported by Gallup, the Pew Research Center and other news organizations.

The Waiting Game 4/23/2018

Based on real stories, The Waiting Game simulates the experience of someone seeking asylum in the United States. Players can follow the stories of five unnamed people, starting from the moment they decide to flee their home countries. What they all have in common is the wish to get asylum. However, the journey to get treated is long. As we follow the stories, we get to understand the hardships of asylum-seekers endure.

Think Military Strike Could Stop North Korea? Try It And See 5/24/2018
New York Times

The United States- North Korean relationship has not been on good terms. Missile test fired from North Korea and provocative tweets from the White house had escalated the situation even more. Donald Trump, the president of the United States and the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un had initially scheduled to meet for a summit to discuss "denuclearization." However, things didn't go as planned and situation worsened. Players get an opportunity in this game to find out what are some potential outcomes that this crisis could transpire.

Thoughts & Prayer: The Game 6/19/2016
Everyday Arcade

The phrase thoughts and prayers is often used by public officials to remark condolences. However the repeated usage by Trump of this phrase has received criticism of saying too much “thoughts and prayers” instead of actually taking actions on gun-control regulations. The game gives often two main options: think or pray, and occasionally, a button to ban assault weapon sale would pop up, but it doesn’t work. So think and pray are still the only two viable options. The game reflects on the frustration of anti-gun groups in a satirical way.

Trump Toss 5/18/2016
Everyday Arcade

Trump Toss asks its players to toss illegal immigrants out of America back to Mexico. This sounds easy enough, but be careful not to toss out American citizens amongst the group of sombrero-wearing individuals. The game strongly emphasizes on the immigration issue that affects a large number of people living in the United States. Undocumented immigratnts are facing a higher chance of deportation due to the new Trump adminstration policy, which took effect July 23, 2019.

Trump's Pussy Grabber 11/5/2016
GOP Arcade

When it comes to predatory harassment and sexual assault, Donald Trump's infamous quote "grab them by the pussy" is a prime example. This satirical game has a timer, a hand and cats that peeps out of holes and the goal is to grab as many kitties as possible in the time frame given.

Trumps' Convention Rampage 6/21/2016
Everyday Arcade

In this 2D side-scrolling game, players are given the opportunity to play Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention which has turned into a battlefield. In order to secure your nomination for the election and remake the image of the Republican party, you must kill other political figures such as the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney...etc. The idea of reestablishing the image of the Republican party with violence is ironic as it gets. It is a demonstration of self-destruction.

Windfall 7/4/2016
Persuasive Games

Windfall is a strategy game that allows its players to reach a specified energy offset goal by planting turbines strategically. Players must do research on the pieces of land available for planting either powerlines or turbines. The game requires strategic consideration on the price, location, energy output goal and renewable energy credits for profit. There are three levels of difficulties for players to choose from, easy, normal or hard.