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7 Ways to Defy Death 4/3/2015
Washington Post

The game focuses on teaching the 7 new ways to defy aging which are, reprogrammed cells, neural stem-cells transplants, rejuvenated blood, spray-on skin, bioprinted organs, custom-built bones, and anti-aging pills. By learning about these new technologies, players are informed about techniques that can help us remain youthful and healthy.

Brexit Bus 11/29/2017

Since the EU referendum was announced, the value of Pound(£) has fluctuated dramatically. For this game, players are in the driver's seat of the Brexit bus. The bus visits several events in the campaign timeline which runs from May 2016 to November 2017. The main objective is to get the bus to run without crashing.

The Good, The Bad and The Accountant 3/11/2017

In The Good, The Bad and The Accountant players are asked to make decisions for the city's infrastructure spending that involves active or passive corruption. It is not necessarily true that all civil servants are corrupted, however, it raises awareness of pointing out that corruption is a systemic issue. The game has meters that measure the legal risk, industry mistrust and political rejection level based on the answers you provide. At times, refusing an offer that involves levels of corruption might lead to conflicts with stakeholders. In the hint tab, the game offers answers to questions such as "how do you organize bribe?" or "spotting corruption in land sales." Therefore, giving a thorough explanation to how these issues can be recognized. In sum, the game teaches players how to spot patterns of corruption.