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Build Your Own Trading Bot 5/22/2017
Wall Street Journal

Build Your Own Trading Bot allows players to set rules for the trading bot. Players are given options of conditions that'll tell the trading bot when to buy and when to sell. Then, the algorithm will run and show the statistics of whether or not the conditions you've set has underperformed or surpassed the S&P 500 average performance.

Chair the Fed 1/1/2016
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Chair the Fed is a web game that allows players to be in charge of the monetary policy at a central bank. Their job is to set monetary policy to achieve full employment and low inflation. Throughout the game, players must adjust the Fed fund rates. Either to raise or cut funds. By raising the funds, it will reduce inflation and increase unemployment. On the contrary, when cutting funds, it will increase inflation and decrease unemployment.

The Evolution of Trust 7/6/2017

The Evolution of Trust aims to teach players about trust and how it is reflected through our actions with others. To test the trust-building process, players are asked to choose either to cooperate or cheat. Depending on the types of personalities we are playing, the results of each game vary. The great take away from this game is that trust is built through repeated interactions, possible win-wins and low miscommunication.

The ReDistricting Game 1/24/2015
USC Game Innovation Lab

The ReDistricting game is designed to educate players about the issues and complexity of political districting. Currently, the political system in most states allows the state legislators themselves to draw the lines. The system involves a wide range of manipulations that encourage incumbents to draw the district lines in order to protect their seats. In the game, players are given the power to draw congressional district lines in which they must complete tasks and establish population equality of a certain number while maintaining a peaceful political climate. The objective of the game is to teach and enable interactive experiences for players to grasp the congressional redistricting process.