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Factitious 5/22/2017
American University Game Lab JoLT Initiative

The game challenges its players to identify "fake news," defined as stories fabricated for fun, influence or profit, as well as satire, opinion and spin. The development of the game came during a time where this issue became prominent, which was around the time of the 2016 presidential campaign. Fake news are of the fictitiousness that we should learn how to identify and evaluate whether the sources we obtain information from nowadays is trustworthy or not. Universities are drawing more attention to teach media literacy, and Factitious is a great tool that would benefit all game players.

Get Bad News 2/20/2018
Cambridge University

Get Bad News challenges its players to spread fake news on Twitter. Whether it is to invent, provoke, exaggerate or intrigue, the goal is to generate more followers.The game rewards players with badges when a new skill is earned. Skills such as triggering emotions in readers, polarizing the general public's opinion on a tweet, or trolling...etc. The game has a satirical tone to it. We know that fake news should be something we avoid but we can't help but draw attention to them.