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Budget Game of Survival 2/19/2018
The Straits Times

Budget game of survival allows players to challenge their budgeting skills. They have three profiles to choose from to begin the game. One is a student, one is a family of three, and the other is a financial executive. They all have different financial background and spending habits, it is the players' duty to help these character budget wisely and help they move through the month with cash to spare.

North Exposure 6/8/2016
The Globe and Mail

Ryan North is a Canadian writer who just published his new book Romeo and/or Juliet. Players are invited to play a choose your own interview game with the author. The goal of the game is to read and learn more about Ryan North and his work. Written in his distinctive writing style, the game allows players to be immersed in the scene.

Payback 10/3/2017
Next Gen Personal Finance

College is expensive. Paying for 4 years of it may require some students to take out student loans to complete their education. Therefore, learning how to budget is important because every penny spent is every penny needing a payback. Learning how to make wise decisions on food, transportation, housing, or purchasing class materials is essential in the success of not only on the academic front but the financial aspect as well.

The Ocean Game: The Sea is Rising, Can You Save Your Town? 7/7/2019
LA Times

According to the effect of climate change, the coast of California will be deeply affected by the rising sea level. Beaches can vanish and flooding and erosion can threaten homes. However, there is still some time to set things right. The game puts players in charge. They are given 8 turns to save this beachside town through rising sea level adaptation. The game is based on interviews with coastal scientists, planning officials, homeowners, realtors, and environmentalists.